What to consider before moving into a retirement village?

A retirement village is a residential community designed for people in their 50s who are newly retired or may be retiring in the near future. You could also be working part time and heading towards retirement when you decide to move into an over 50’s village In Brisbane or any other area. The residents of these communities are active people who lead very independent lives and enjoy a range of activities in the village. They are designed in such a way that helps elders to lead a social lifestyle and encourages them to make new friends and find new hobbies in a secure place. Residents can live in small independent units or cohouse with other individuals. There are also common facilities such as gardens and swimming pools and also community halls. The areas are low maintenance and very safe, so if you plan to travel, you won’t have to worry about anything going missing. Sometimes there is also a waiting list and you need to pay a fee to get on it. An upfront payment is required for over 50’s villages Brisbane or any other area and once you do you have the right to live in and use the facilities as specified in your contract. There are also maintenance fees that may be charged weekly or monthly and cover salaries of the staff and the upkeep of common area as well any extra services that you may require. 

Some villages offer services such as meals, cleaning and personal services. They may also organize visits by health professionals but payment has to made in order to avail all these services. While making the decision to move into a village there are certain things that must be taken into account: 

  • Start by writing a list of your requirements and narrow it down according to your priorities.  
  • Visit all the over 50’s villages in Brisbane or any other area that you are looking into. While you are there talk to the staff and explore the area to see if it suits you or not. 
  • Think of your budget above anything else. You want to invest as much as your savings allow you to. If you don’t feel as if the money that you are investing is worth it then you can always look at other options. 
  • There are many options available from independent living to serviced apartments, you can lease them for any amount of time you require. You have to be well informed of what you want and make your decision according to that.  
  • You can ask questions about long term cost and it is better to consult your advisor before signing anything. 
  • When you are moving into a village you get a secure community that is full of like-minded individuals and have facilities that enhance your wellbeing. Villages are based in thriving locations and you have access to everything you could need. 
  • It is a socially diverse environment and you are free to choose which activities you want to participate in. You can interact as little or as much as you want to but the excursions will carry on regardless of your involvement. 
  • You get a sense of belonging and can say goodbye to any feeling of loneliness that you felt before you moved into the village. You can make life long friends and always have someone to catch a cup of coffee with you. 
  • It is not just a place for the elderly and many people decide to move in early because of the flexible lifestyle. 
  • There is a lock and leave system in play and you don’t have to worry about security as it is one of the facilities that you paid for.  
  • Moving away from a house that you have lived it can be taxing physically and emotionally. Once you get over the unpacking and melancholic mood you can look at the silver lining on the cloud which is an environment which offers fun and friendship.  

Moving into a retirement village is a big step and everything that you want from the move should be taken into account before you make any decision. 

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