Things You Need To Know About A Hip Replacement Surgery

 Our body is what is important to us the most. There is no denying it and emphasising on it, even seems like a joke. Just as it is important to take care of your body, it is important you take care and protect itself from any damages that might cause serious harm. With all the joints that are in our body and can be damaged, our hip is the most vulnerable to serious injuries. A very few people know that the hip is the largest ball and socket join in our body. In case you fell badly or got it broken somehow, you should get it treated as soon as possible. While there are some alternate methods and non-surgical procedures through hip pain can be treated, sometimes surgery is the only solution. So, if total hip replacement Melbourne surgery is your only option, don’t worry, because we are here to guide you. 

What Is Hip Replacement? 

Medically known as arthroplasty, hip replacement surgery is a very common procedure. The first thing a person Googles, when he or she is supposed to undergo this surgery is how common is this procedure. Simply put, this procedure is being carried out more around the world than you can imagine. If you are opting for hip replacement Melbourne, be assured that the latest techniques and advances in surgery have made sure that there are no side-effects or harm while you get the procedure. It means that if you have been told to get one, we suggest you go under the knife as soon as possible, to protect yourself from any potential long-term damage. Coming to what actually happens when you get a surgery, the damaged or diseases part of your hip is replaced with prosthesis, which are artificial parts. It depends which part is damaged, the ball or the socket, and that damaged part is substituted with the artificial counterpart. Most of the times it boils down to why you should have a hip replacement surgery, because obviously, you are replacing your real flesh with something that isn’t exactly a human body part. This is the answer your surgeon will be able to give you better, but be assured that getting yourself treated is better than any other alternative, because it is completely safe. 

What’s Is The Surgery All About? 

It is natural that you would want to know what the replacement procedure and surgery entails, once you decide to get it done. We will suggest you know about it properly, because you are undergoing an operation and you must be aware of how it is done. Starting with the time duration, generally a hip replacement procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes. It can either be carried out when you are completely asleep during the procedure (general anesthesia), or you can undergo an epidural, which means that your lower body will be numbed. After you have taken anesthesia, an incision will be carried out over the side of your hip, so the damaged body parts can be replaced. The prosthesis is used instead. They can either be metal or ceramic, or plastic and can be used in various combinations. The most widely used combinations around the world is a plastic socket and a metal ball. The second alternate to it is a plastic socket and a ceramic ball, or there can be ceramic-on-ceramic as well. This must be noted that both mentioned combinations are a bit hard to wear, and that’s why, they are generally used in young patients, who are active. Lastly, there are metal-on-metal combination, which are rarely used on younger patients are generally reserved for the aged ones. Similarly, to keep them intact either cemented or non-cemented procedure can be carried out, but that’s a complete science on its own. 

What Are The Complications? 

Generally, there are no complications as hip replacement is a low-complication surgery. If you look at the statistics, the chances of risk are less than 1 in 100. In cases of complications, it is usually a blood clot or an infection that may be caused due to something going wrong with the joint. You don’t have to be paranoid of any such incidents happening to you while you go through the surgery, because a proper surgeon can carry out in a way that there are no chances of facing such a situation.

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